Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Peter Pilotto for Target

Hello everyone! Did you shop the collection of Peter Pilotto for Target?

One month after the launch, in Montreal there are only few items remaining in stores. (Online shopping is not yet available in Canada). In fact, I shopped the collection when it launched, and racks had been pretty much cleaned out by 4PM the same day. I was not too disappointed because, in spite of having eagerly waited for it, I was not impressed. The sweatshirt had an awkward cut (I know, it is the season of skimpy proportions, but...), and the garments' material generally felt cheap. I took home only these sunglasses, barely scratching the surface of the long wish list I had culled for weeks.

If you are still interested though, the remaining pieces are now on clearance. And, if you can pull in favours with your American friends or family, you can shop pretty much the entire collection online on the US website.

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