Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Illustrated Spring Fashion Edit

Hello everyone! Do you know the blog Sh*t bloggers wear?

Everything is different. This is how the March issue of Fashion magazine begins to introduce the trends for SS14. Wait, I though to myself. I have just gone through a few magazine, and all that I have seen are the usual pastels, sport style, summer metallics, and florals. ("Groundbreaking" to quote devil-wears-Prada Maryl Streep). And don't forget the slippers. 

When this morning I caught up with The Coveteur's latest posts (during another one of my car-with-sleeping-baby sessions), I was reminded that there is more to SS14 thank just that. At the beginning, I thought Cecilia Doan was behind this illustrated ABC of SS14 fashion. Rather I discovered another incredibly talented illustrator, Meghann Stephenson, who helped put together this awfully comprehensive and awfully hilarious recap. We busy fashionable moms love recaps, so make sure to check out the full Part I and Part II. Plus, stay tuned for our series on Spring fashion...

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