Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Cold Spring Edit

Hello everyone! Are you enjoying Spring?

I know what you must be thinking: what Spring? After the extreme cold we have endured this winter, we had 25 cm of snow just last week.

You are right. What I realized yesterday is that this is Spring in Montreal. Because two days ago it happened: I went outside and I was warm in my puffer jacket, and I saw the snow melting around me as we experienced two consecutive days of minimum temperatures close to zero degrees Celsius. Of course, there might be snow flurries this afternoon, but who cares? It seems the worst has passed.

Welcome Spring then! Does it mean that you can take out those sandals? Obviously, not yet. Spring in Montreal is the season of extremes, with a capital E. Mornings are chilly enough that you need a heavy coat, hat, and scarf. By lunchtime, if the sun is shining, you may be fine in a shirt or light sweater. And keep that puffer handy for the backlash of winter freeze that will come, eventually (remember last year's chilly Mother's Day?). Then one day we will go from 0 to 25 degrees Celsius in a week and, then, only then, those sandals will come in handy.

What to do of the Spring trends, of which I just gave you an illustrated preview? Every year, I skip them. I wait until the Spring collections go on sale around late May to stock up for summer fashion. Maybe because this year the winter has been exhaustingly long and impossibly cold, I decided to change my approach.

Let's then embrace this cold spring of ours. The Fashionable Mom guide to Cold Spring 2014 coming right up.

Photo: Zanna Roberts Rassi at New York Fashion Week 2014 (via Style and the City).

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