Tuesday, 15 April 2014

CS14 Essentials | The outer layer


Hello everyone! Are you layering?

Now that we are out of the extreme winter cold, layering has become essential. My strategy is to put my stash of coats (I don't want to talk about it) to its best use. This season I am inspired by dark grey and navy, so I stored all my puffer jackets and organized our front closet with my Isabel Marant for H&M grey coat, my Vince unlined electric blue coat, and my Stella McCartney navy coat, which will accommodate cooler to warmer temperatures in the weeks to come. I also purchased an ultra-light down jacket with a hood for rainy days and windy soccer matches. (If you are lucky enough to visit the US these days, do yourself a favour and buy Uniqlo's ultra-light down, which is cheaper and comes in more styles -- but is still unavailable in Montreal).

Footwear is tricky. There is still snow on the ground, but winter boots are excessive. My feet get cold, so rain boots (like my beloved Dav ones) are not the right choice. I am considering a classic pair of Hunter boots with sock insert, or this gorgeous (by name and by fact) pair of Stuart Weitzman's Gore Tex booties -- either ones of which would be a good investment for Fall as well.

Together with the boots, I abandoned my winter hats as well though, in exchange for a cotton-blend beanie by Urban Outfitters. Still studying the best pair of mirrored sunglasses...

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