Tuesday, 15 April 2014

CS14 Essentials | The inner layer

Hello everyone! What did you wear yesterday?

I ask because it was a typical spring day in Montreal: it started out around zero degrees Celsius in the morning, increased to about 20 degrees around lunchtime, and had you sweating by 2 pm.

I changed three times. I wore a light merino sweater plus jeans combo in the morning, switched for a long sleeves tee and blazer when I went out to take my son to the movies after lunch, came back sweating and ditched the jacket. By evening, we were snuggling under a blanket while watching TV. Ah, transition dressing, I hate you.

We have to get through it though. (And no, just throwing on a scarf à la française will not do it, thank you very much). Note the thick cotton sweater in the picture above? It is my best ally this time of the year. (Plus, it goes great with fluid pants -- so SS14) When boots are not in order, I also make sure to keep my patent shoes handy, since they will withstand the rain and the slush well. Add a zip-top bag to keep my stuff dry, and I am good to go. Somewhat, at least.

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