Thursday, 19 June 2014

Today it was the day

Hello everyone! Are your kids on holidays already?

Today my baby now seven-and-a-half years old finished primary school. It is a cliche, but where has the past year gone? He has learnt how to read and write in French, and yesterday morning he helped me to pick the right phrase for my own business presentation. (My heart exploded with pride, obviously).

After the party at his school, I took him and two of his friends to watch How to train your dragon 2. It meant I had to stay up until midnight to finish the aforementioned presentation (due tomorrow), but it was my end-of-the-year gift to myself. They were the only three hours of mommy-and-me time I am going to get to spend with him this summer.

Why? Because we will leave on Monday for two months of almost uninterrupted travel with different family members. On Monday, we are off to Vancouver. After five days, we continue to Hawaii (I know!). We will spend about three weeks there, and then make our way back to Montreal before continuing to Italy to visit my parents.

I just need to get through tomorrow.

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