Friday, 13 June 2014

Let's call it blogger's block

Hello everyone! Are you ready for summer?

Next week I'll be packing the last lunches, and I am already gearing up for something special to do on my son's last day of school (going to see How to train your dragon 2 will be heavily involved). I am writing this post as I am watching my son's weekly soccer game, with my feet bare and the baby napping in the stroller.

It may seem an odd place to write a blog post, but. I have come to terms with the fact that I need to do more blogging in the spur of the moment, or embrace the reality that months will go by without an actual entry (while tens get written and rewritten in my head every day).

Let's call it blogger's block, the unwanted consequence of my perfectionist personality. As Emma Freedman says in this excellent interview (and she is 15 years old!), "Perfectionism is a real burden. It can keep you from trying new things or expanding yourself."

If I was more forgiving towards myself, however, I would blame it on inadequate technology. Take this picture. Isn't it awesome? It is a dinosaur being delivered to the Boston Museum of Science in 1984 by Arthur Pollock. I discovered it via A Cup of Jo, while I was catching up with my favorite blogs on Bloglovin.

"Wow, it's a great picture" I thought to myself. "It redefines the concept of 'if pigs could fly'. Of incredible things actually happening." Obviously I wanted to save it, to keep it to show my son, or for future reference. 

Tech overload ensued. How to do so? Blogloving for iPhone lets you tweet, post on FB, or email posts. But I would have liked to pin the image to this board (as I eventually did). Or maybe post it on my Tumblr feed. I could not do either one of these things, so I did nothing. 

How do you handle blogging on the go? (Which seems to be my constant state of life?) I'd really love to hear.


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