Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Phase 2

Hello everyone! Do you know the card game Phase 10?

That's how the summer travel makes me feel. Phase 1 was the trip to Vancouver: 1 set of intercontinental flights. Phase 2 was the return to Montreal from Hawaii: 1 set of transatlantic flights + 1 set of intercontinental flights. 

Fortunately, the above-mentioned Phase 2 could have not gone better, thanks to a complimentary upgrade to Economy Plus on the flight Honolulu to San Francisco (thank you United Airlines!) and to an extra seat on the flight from San Francisco to Montreal (thanks to my over-dramatizing skills with the flight attendant -- I have developed them into an art when I am traveling along with the kids).

The time difference is a b**** though. We are soooo jet-lagged! Paradoxically the one who seems the least affected so far is the baby. My older son's state is compounded by how much he misses his dad, who has stayed in Hawaii to finish teaching his summer course. In other words: when the baby is not keeping me awake, it is him. I have not gotten any decent sleep in three days.

This is why today I am taking the day off. It will probably be the only day without the kiddies that I will have in a month so I am staycation-ing to the max. Haircut, many and pedi in the morning. Window-shopping at Holt Renfrew after lunch. (It will take us a long time to pay off our Hawaii vacation, I tell you). Hopefully a nap when I get back if I am really lucky. 

Ahhhh. It feels good to have my hair blow-dried for the first time in three weeks. 

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