Thursday, 17 July 2014

Chasing a trend

Hello everyone! Did you pick up a pair of Birkenstock for this summer?

The trend started with last year's Celine's furry slippers and, you might say, this year the hype has not yet quieted down. The Birkenstock/Celine look-a-like slippers are everywhere for SS14.

I lived in this pair last year. I thus wanted something different, and I was charmed by Zara's lookbook back in April. Zara does know a thing or two about editing, so I must have not been the only one. The two most popular styles (this one and this one) had already sold out online two times already, and bounced off the shelves of the brand's flagship store in downtown Montreal.

I diligently, albeit impatiently, waited until Zara notified me that my favorite ones were back in stock to score a pair of my own. At around 100 CAD, these sandals are expensive for Zara, and what worried me was the fit, since my left foot is giving me some troubles again. One pair definitely hurt, but the other one (pictured above) was borderline. I did not return it just because my mom (who is difficult to please, especially when it comes to low-cost fashion chains) deemed them "bellissime".

I took them on our trip to Hawaii, and I had to store them after a couple of times because it was clear that they are not the best for my feet. While they stayed in the suitcase until we got back a few days ago, I replaced with a similar style of Crocs, but after initial rejoicing I am back to square one.

Maybe the original Birkenstock were the real solution. Why oh why is this pair by J Crew sold out? Well, I may just have to go shopping in Italy for a new pair. A girl gotta do what a girl gotta do...

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