Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Rainy day

Hello everyone! Do you like rainy days?

I hate the rain (ask my husband). In summer, I find it particularly dreadful if we are at the beach. This year, the weather has gone wacko in Italy (remember our arrival in Milan last week?) and I was not surprised that, in the context of cool temperatures, today we had torrential rains at the Riviera.

The fact that this happened while we are staying at this museum of a hotel redefined a rainy day for me. Between meals, we took advantage of the forced stay indoors to explore the property. This included visiting the much hyped second floor, which hosts the room with adjoining throne room (yes, you can rent it, and it now occupied so we could not peek inside). I cannot believe how beautiful this villa is, and how lucky we are to be here. Rain or no rain.

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