Monday, 15 September 2014

Altuzarra for Target

Hello everyone! Did you shop the Altuzarra for Target collaboration?

If there is someone who got the memo about python-prints for Fall is Altuzarra, when he designed this collection. This is not the reason why it did not inspire me though. There is python-print and python-print, and these ones looked cheap in the pictures as much as in reality. I had the same impression of the other items when I checked out the collection at my local Target yesterday afternoon.

Judging from how much stock was left there, and how much is still available online (from Canada, you can shop the collection at Net-a-porter), there has been quite a widespread lack of excitement. Except for the two trench and the embroidered black sweater (the must-have items according to Vogue), you did not need to wake up at 4 am for this one.

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