Tuesday, 9 September 2014

C'est la rentrée!

Hello everyone! C'est la rentrée!

I think it sounds better in French than back-to-school does in English, right? (I certainly have a French obsession, but Porter magazine agrees). In whatever language, the expression we use refers to coming back to our lives after the summer holidays. Nonetheless, September is a moment of new beginnings (and closet reboots) perhaps more than January.

The pressure to start fresh took hold of me almost instantly after I accompanied my son to his first day of school. In my head, the list of things to do to accomplish such a renewal got longer by the second. Two items were at the top: change my blog's layout, and revamp my closet.

When I got to the office, I logged to this webpage and I had a "aha" moment. I liked the layout of this blog, which I have worked so hard on early in the spring (in case you missed it, I added a portal, too, which is pictured above). Sure, I still need to finalise a few things, but I was taken aback because I did not feel I had to change something immediately. The "aha" moment extended to my closet. After my second pregnancy, when I had to rebuild my closet from the ground  up because I had nothing to wear that fit me, didn't I discover that I am happier with a minimal closet? I do not need to buy 10 new items.

Commercially, it is more profitable to stress the need to start over, to buy new things. I am a bit sick of being asked to buy, buy, buy though. That's why I propose to embrace the original meaning of the rentrée, the here and the now. To embrace our perfect imperfections, the gaps in our closet, and everything else that makes us who we are. Three cheers for appreciating yourself and what you have! Who's with me?

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