Friday, 17 October 2014

Feeling lucky on a Friday

Hello everyone!

Today it was Friday the 17th, which in Italian folklore is the unluckiest day of the month. This is why I drove extra-carefully to Beyond the Rack Warehouse Sale in Lachine, where I was expecting to find phenomenal designer deals.

The sale is well-organized and the staff is super-nice. Today there were no lines to get in, and inside it was crowded but not unbearably so. Unfortunately the corner with designer items is so small that reminded me more of a garage sale rather than a warehouse sale. (I am sure I have more designer items in my closet, which is no particularly well stocked). In addition, I found that the price of most items was high for a warehouse sale. (For exemple, the two Burberry coats available were 699.99$, the one cashmere Burberry sweater was 299.99$, and the two Proenza Schouler PS11 were 999.99$). That said, since I was lucky enough to get there half an hour after opening, I was able to come home with the bag of my dreams: the only Celine's shoulder bag available, which seldom goes on sale and whose price was about 70 percent off retail.

The sale continues through Sunday, October 19. A sales representative told me that there are no plans to restock. If you are looking for great deals on designer items, do not waste your time driving to Lachine unless you need foam-memory pillows (priced at 19.99$), a small selection of Ralph Lauren's summer kids clothing (which was already quite picked out at noon today), or a Steve Madden puffer (priced between 49.99 and 89.99$ depending on the style).

Pictured, from the top: my first Celine bag; the inside of the warehouse; no name shoes; Steve Madden's puffer jackets; the designer corner; look-expensive Sergio Roma suede booties (priced at 39.99$; totally worth it if you wear 3 inches heels).

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