Wednesday, 5 November 2014

All that black

Hello everyone! Are you shopping the Alexander Wang for H&M collaboration tomorrow?

Breaking with a long tradition, I am sitting this one out (for sure, not like last year). The collection could have been designed by the Sporty Spice, had she ever had a gothic period, and black, cropped, boxy, and body-con garments (which also happen to be obnoxiously logo-ed) are not my cup of tea.

In case you are going (and Garance says you should), here are four tips from my experience.

1. Know what you are in for. You can shop the collection starting at 8 am, but ONLY if you are one of the first 280 people in line. There are people camped out there right now (yes, the night before), so if you are serious about it, get up early. Otherwise, you need to wait until those 280 people are done (and there is little left), or when online shopping opens at 10 am. Note that the same does NOT apply if you are shopping the men's collection.

2. Be organized. Check out the lookbook and identify the piece(s) you are interested in. If you get in, you will have only 10 minutes to shop, and those 10 minutes are pure insanity. You need to go and grab. No time to think about which sweatshirt you want.

3. Dress warm. Since you will be in for a relatively long wait (see point 1 above), bring stuff to keep you warm and busy. Bonus points to tech gloves that allow your hands to stay warm while you manoeuvre your iPhone.

4. Avoid the dressing rooms if you can. The dressing rooms are always crowded, and there is a long wait to get there. If you can, try things on on the floor, or at home (you have 7 days for returns anyway).

P.S. By checking on Instagram today, it seems that the fit of most garments is boxy (big shoulders, small hips).

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