Monday, 10 November 2014

Around my closet with Flair

Hello everyone and happy November!

I have been a bit off because my parents came to visit us two weeks ago, in occasion of my older son's birthday, bringing a lot of presents including one of my favorite Italian magazines. I love to see what's trending in my home country, especially since my aesthetic has been getting less and less experimental and closer to my roots.

It is amazing how far away October (and the last post I wrote in this series) feels! Last time I checked, it was all about Fall's best coats and mocassins, and now it is puffer and boots season. My closet has not yet made the transition. I am just distracted because, you know, the Christmas Book arrived and gifting season is officially open.

As for me, I finally found what I am asking Santa this year.

This book is on my list for Santa, too. (GOOP's edited bookshelves are the best.)

I wish I was still nursing to ask also for the most fashionable teething jewerly around. (I would totally get the goldie.)

Fortunately, it will be at least easy to stuff those stockings with this notebook (discovered via Ez a while ago).

P.S. After the holidays, I am embracing the Japanese art of decluttering. Period.

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