Tuesday, 21 February 2012

SS12 trends | How much neon would you wear?

How much neon would you wear?

This question has been nagging me since my recent outing downtown (that you may remember from this post). One of my main goal then was to try on a pair of the neon yellow jeans that are so much in fashion for SS12. I ended up trying on a pair by J Brand at Banner (one of the hippest stores on Via Montenapoleone) and it was a big letdown.

These were the thoughts running through my head as I looked at myself in the mirror with the pants on (in random order):
1. I am too old for this color.
2. I could never take my son to a playground in these because a) they will get dirty super-fast; and b) I would be ridiculous.
3. Will yellow neon pants be as fashionable here in Italy as in the mostly-American magazines I have been checking?
4. My mother will never approve.
5. I would never spend 300$ on these.

The thing is that, independently of the cost consideration (I sure you can pick up a pair of yellow neon jeans at Zara or H&M for less tha fifty bucks), I really thought I would look ridiculous wearing them. I am now rather considering neon accessories for SS12...

Photo: Taylor Tomasi Hill (left) wearing neon yellow J Brand jeans at New York Fashion Week, via Fifiluxe.

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