Monday, 12 March 2012

Brunch all'italiana

Did you have a good weekend?

Allright friends, I will not deny it: this weekend we had a blast. We did not do anything outrageous and we stayed mainly in town, but after such a long period of my son's sickness we had so much fun doing things together as a family!

For me, this meant doing a lot of sports. Thanks to the awesome sunny and warm weather, on Saurday we went biking at the Park of Monza (where we had already been in September), which put to the test my sleepy muscles. We also had lunch in a high-scale restaurant inside the park (Saint Georges Premier) that I would totally recommend -- aside from the fact the staff was incredibly friendly with my son, would you believe it that they made a special Champagne risotto for him? Obviously, it is his new favorite dish :-)

On Sunday, we went to have brunch at Roialto (Via Pier della Francesca 55, Milano). I am not sure I mentioned before that the area where my parents (and we, this year) live has become one of the hottest spots for nightlife in Milan. Roialto is one of the clubs that offers aperitivo in the early evening and then turns into a disco club until the wee hours. We have recently discovered that, on Sundays, Roialto also offers brunch and three weeks ago I went to test the place with my parents. I did not have my camera then, so I decided to wait to write about it. This weekend we went back with my husband and it was the perfect occasion! The reason why I think it is worth mentioning is because it is the fanciest place I have ever been for brunch. The place could win a design award: it showcases numerous unique collections and pieces scored at thrift stores, auctions and on eBay, including an original Harley Davidson. The food is well... a brunch all'italiana, with several food stands that offer everything from oysters to ravioli through an amazing cheese, grill and dessert selection. Kids are welcome and have plenty of space to room around. The staff and the toilets are terrible, however, so be prepared if you go. Remember it is a night club, after all.

After brunch, more sports for me! Looking for a way to burn the calories accumulated with brunch, I hung my new Dolce & Gabbana leopard-print kitten heels in shoe bag # 3, and exercised on a trampoline next to my son. My goodness, wasn't it exhausting but so refreshing! A few swans and a prize later, we got back home in time for gelato and a bit more biking before dinner. Then, off to bed to get ready for our departure to Turin on Monday morning! More on this later...

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