Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Spring Fashion Edit | The mint, the pastel and the neon

What inspires you the most when putting together your new season's wardrobe?

Last Fall I started off with a lot of soul-searching (as you may remember from this post as well as this one) and an unhealthy French obsession (all about it here). I had made big commitments to myself and my closet. Yet spring is a lighter season, so this time around I am mainly inspired about the season's colours.

It all revolves around three main palettes: sea-inspired blues, especially in the form of cobalt (remember this post?); classic spring pastels with a renowned accent on mint (as in Yves Saint Laurent's ad campaign at the top of this post); and neon hues, generally as accents to the previous two colors (you knew this was coming, since I have been obsessed with neon since January). The good news is that cobalt blue and pastels will continue to be strong hues for Fall as well (I will talk about this more in a later post), so they make a good investment now.

As far as color combinations go, last year it was all about color blocking (remember the Gucci ad campaign?) while this season it is about tone-on-tone dressing. Think a pale mint shirt and a "charged" mint pair of pants, or a salmon shirt and a pair of pale orange pants. Accessories will provide the pop of color needed to avoid looks that are too sugary (as Phillip Lim did on his runway, in the second picture above), although you may want to keep neutral accessories handy to avoid looking like you work for the circus. Think also about achieving tone-on-tone dressing by matching the colour of your handbag with that of your clothes, rather than your shoes, as you can see in the Marc by Marc Jacobs ensemble pictured above (available at Saks).

And did I mention that this season it is all about coordinating your nail color to that of your clothes as well?

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