Monday, 30 April 2012

On my mind

Hello everyone and happy Monday from San Francisco!

I arrived last night for a conference that starts tomorrow. I was so jet-lagged last night that I almost felt like I did not know where I was. What was I thinking coming to the West Coast from Europe? Right, work. This is the most important conference of the year for my discipline, and the only time I missed it (it was in Detroit, of all places) I regretted it deeply. I am about to hit town to stretch my legs after yesterday's long trip, but before I do so I'd like to share a few things that have been on my mind this week:

Our first blogiversary. On April 25, Fashion for the Rest of Us turned one. I thanked all my readers then, but I'd like to take a moment now to thank my first and greatest supporter: my husband, who always listens to my all my ideas and gives me wonderful advice. This project would not exist without his constant support and encouragement. Thanks babe!

Motherhood and style. This is a defining issue for Fashion for the Rest of Us, so I have been thinking about it a lot in occasion of our blogiversary. I was actually able to begin a series of interviews on the topic with the help of Jane Potrykus, the mom blogger behind Simple+Pretty (if you missed it, check it out here). Stay tuned for more!

Mother's Day. I cannot believe Mother's Day is in a less than two weeks! If you have not figured out what would you like for this occasion, Lynn Harris has a few, funny suggestions.

Tracy Reese for Anthropologie. I hope there is an Anthropologie store nearby that sells this collection. Want. Every. Single. Item.

D&G last collection. Did you know that D&G, Dolce & Gabbana cheaper and younger line, has signed its last collection ever? It is obvious that Stefano Dolce and Domenico Gabbana are retiring it in style though...

The YSL Arty Ring. I have never been a big fan of these rings, but after looking at the versions worn by some of my favorite style bloggers in this article, I am lusting over the turquoise one.

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