Friday, 4 May 2012

That neon clutch

Hello everyone! Is it spring already where you live?

I feel like I keep chasing it and getting glimpses of it, but I never quite get it. Right before I left to come to San Francisco, we had two gorgeous spring days in Milan. That's it, I thought. I diligently packed away (finally!) my winter sweaters as I was preparing my suitcase for the trip, and I fantasized about showcasing the little army of colored pants that I have been assembling since February (in the picture below).

Unfortunately after my departure the weather in Italy has turned rainy again, and in San Francisco it is uncharacteristically cold. That has not stopped me, though. What I have been getting the most compliments about is one of the spring items I am most proud to have added to my closet: a yellow neon tote. Do you remember the yellow neon clutch I was obsessing over a month ago? I did go to the Werelse for Mango launch in Milan (official pictures here) with the idea of finally buying it, and I realized three things: 1) Chiara Ferragni is as beautiful in person as she looks on her blog; 2) her boyfriend is real, and he is hotter in person than on her blog; 3) the neon clutch is not quite age-appropriate for me, and a bit overpriced. I left the store with another item in the collection, this "octopus" scarf, which my son and I love (although for different reasons; his being the sea creature depicted on it).

To fill my urge for a yellow neon bag, I ended up with the Furla tote pictured at the top of this post. What do you think? It makes me smile every time I look at it!

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