Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Pregnancy Style Diary, week 17 | Time for maternity wear

Hello everyone! When did you start wearing maternity clothing?

A few days ago, I officially "popped", as one of my friend says. Plus, summer is over, and last weekend I had to put in storage the beloved summer dresses that have made feel quite well put together so far. Time for maternity clothing (rather than just maternity jeans) has come.

As we are not planning on having a third child, I do not want to spend too much money -- just enough to get through a couple of months after the delivery date, when it should be late spring again and layering my summer dresses should come to rescue. Fortunately, I do not need coat, and probably I will not need a puffer jacket, since all the ones I have are roomy enough (thank you A-line!) Most of my tops and sweaters, on the contrary, will not do the job of accommodating for a growing belly, and I need a couple of more dresses.

Today, I thus took the day off and drove all the way to the Carrefour Laval, one of Montreal's biggest shopping centers, which happens to host the two main chains of maternity wear: Motherhood and Thyme maternity. Wasn't it a disappointment! The quality of virtually everything in either store was so low and the prices so high that I felt almost angry for what it says to expectant mothers. Why don't we have GAP maternity or A Pea on the Pod on Quebec? I grabbed a bag of maternity stockings and left as fast as I could... with nowhere to go, until I stumbled upon Zara. In the hindsight, this is where I should have gone first!

Everything on display had studs on, was bottle-green or burgundy colour, or all of the above. Since one of the main things that was absent, together with style or quality, from the maternity stores I had just been to, was some season-appropriatedeness, I tried on a ton of stuff. I ended up scoring I really nice, faux-wrap bottle-green top and a grey long sleeves tee with leather trim, which are totally in season and should accommodate my growing belly. I also dared to buy a pair of waxed skinny jeans in the same colour that I am hoping can be turned into maternity jeans. And then there was this bag, which was speaking to me in a quintessentially Alexander Wang-meets-Celine kind of way. I have tried, bought and returned Zara handbags more times that I can remember. This one I could not let go though. Maybe I will get home, take it our from the paper bag and think: "With all the expensive designer handbags I own, why should I wear this one the most?", and I will return it. Or maybe not. I'll keep you posted.

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