Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Are you into vintage?

Hello everyone! Are you into vintage fashion?

Today, the BoF announced that online marketplace Byronesque is set to launch with the goal of giving worldwide access to "a carefully edited selection of designer vintage from a growing network of specialised boutiques, beginning with One of a Kind in London, Quidam de Revel in Paris and The New World Order in New York."

I love the idea of vintage. My mom's has kept a few of her 1960s Valentino dresses, and I am terribly sad that they are too big for me (and too difficult too tailor) because they would otherwise be my favorite pieces. 

I find shopping for vintage fashion a difficult task, however. First, defining what vintage is not as straightforward as one might think. A lot of clothing for sale at certain consignment stores, for instance, can be vintage, even though it does not wear such a label. Second, finding the right place can be even more difficult, and judging the right price almost impossible. I envy many bloggers, such as Jane Aldrige or Chiara Ferragni, who can score great pieces for cheap at thrift stores or on ebay. I have never had such a luck, or a skill. In  Italy, I had stumbled upon two great places by accident: Bahamamama, which is a nail store/beauty salon/bar/vintage reseller; and Oggetti Smarriti, which is an antique store specialized in vintage glass frames. In Montreal I would not be able to name you a reseller, but if you are interest the auction house Iegor periodically hosts sales of vintage fashion (the next one is scheduled for October 17), and always has a small selection in its online auctions section. 

When I checked out Byronesque's website, my doubts, issues and questions related to vintage fashion increased. The pieces on sale look stunning. But the price point? I really wish there was a vintage fashion guru to advise neophytes like me.

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