Monday, 15 October 2012

Another weekend marathon

Hello everyone! Did you have a good weekend?

We made it to Monday, through yet another flurry of jam-packed activities that we had on our list alongside my son's scheduled sports and activities (science class on Saturday and skating on Sunday): decorating the house for Halloween (which involved trips to the Dollar Store, Target, and so on), dropping off our pumpkin for the local library's Halloween scavenger hunt, getting started on my son's school project (a presentation about himself and his family that is due Wednesday), organizing our basement/guest space for our friends arrival on Monday, getting ahead with the cooking for the above mentioned visit (thank God the Thermomix I brought from Italy finally works!). On Sunday, we were able to also fit in a lunch with friends after skating, which meant, however, that our dinner schedule was delayed -- so that I found myself to have to tell my son at 7:15 pm: "If you want to watch your favorite cartoon before going to bed you have 15 minutes left to eat your supper." Needless to say, I did not do anything for myself, if we exclude the one hour I collapsed on the couch completely exhausted.

Come Sunday evening, I wished I had a weekend, one of those where you do not wake up at 8 am to a preschooler's request to paint right there and then, where you do not hurry through breakfast because the same preschooler wants to decorate the Halloween gingerbread scary house (project that ends with one hour of cleaning the black frosting from the kitchen counters -- NTS: avoid projects involving black frosting at all costs from now on), where you do not multitask to do the laundry/tidy up the house/cook for a week until the day is over, and all you want is to crawl up in the bed you did not have time to make.

Why, oh why, our weekends always end up like this? How do yours look like?

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