Friday, 12 October 2012

The weekend, a day earlier

Hello everyone and happy Friday!

Fridays are my favorite days of the week. It is when I get to do real research work with one of my best collaborators in my office outpost downtown, which means I also get to dress up and window shop a bit on the way. Since I take the bus downtown, on Friday morning I can also linger at home a little bit longer after my husband and my son have left for school. Bliss -- unless dirty dishes from the night before are still piling up in the kitchen, which has happened and it was not pretty.

Today I had to give all of this up because my housekeeper has kindly decided to come in the afternoon and I need to be home. You may think: you gave up your favorite day for that? Well, I am sure you understand if I tell you that we have guests coming to stay with us on Monday and my alternative was to spend the whole weekend cleaning the house. After all, the housekeeper always comes first, right? Especially if she is such a good one as ours.

Anyway, since I had errands to run, I decided to get a step ahead of the weekend and cross a few (ok, several) things off my list -- including an early visit to the market, where I took the shots above. In order not to feel miserable in the process, I anticipated my nail appointment and I had sushi for lunch. Things started going a bit downhill after lunch however, and my outing ended with a discomforting shopping experience (more on this later) and the first flurry of the season (yes, you read right, and I don't want to talk about it). Thank God the weekend starts tomorrow.

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