Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Pregnancy Style Diary, Week 22.4 | Feeling a stranger in my body

This pregnancy is such an emotional and physical rollercoaster, much more so than the first one. The first two months, I was knocked down, but hey I could tweak my jeans to fit and wear all my summer clothes.

Just last week, I felt great and extra-glamourous getting dressed in my ever-shrinking closet, but a few days later I began panicking at the fastly growing vacuum. At the beginning of this week I must have also gotten some virus from my son and had three pressing deadlines at work, so I ended up with palpitions and a self-imposed bedrest by today. A calm weekend made me feel much better, but on Monday morning, as we were driving to the office, I felt sick again and completely out of breath. Then it hit me: could it be that my bra was too tight? I undid it, and voila, I could breath again.

A trip to the closest maternity store ensued. I am not big chested, and I regularly wear a 34B. The sales associate sent me home with a 38B and I swear to you that, by looking at that giant thing, I could not help but think: how did I end up wearing my granny's bra? I am barely 6 months pregnant! What am I going to do in two months?

The same estranged-from-my-body feeling continued this morning. I stepped out of the car and  twisted my ankle a little. No big pain and no harm done in the end, but at that moment I started crying like a fountain. I kept thinking: I am barely 6 months pregnant, why do I feel like I cannot do anything I normally could? More tears. Fortunately the rest of the day got better...

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Photo: Yoshikazu Yamamgata's giant bra and panties project via Style Bubble.

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