Friday, 21 December 2012

It felt like Saturday, and not in a good way

Hello everyone! Are you ready for the holidays?

Today it was my son's first day off school. I was looking forward to it for one main reason: we did not have to wake up and be out of the house by the 7:30 am. I did not have to make sure his uniform was clean and his sport clothes were packed in his backpack. I did not have to remember his lunchbox while hurrying out of the house.

Although I have tried to keep things as simple as possible for Christmas, I dreaded today because I feel there is so much to do during the holiday period (including getting the baby stuff ready before January madness hits), and so little time. Yes, in an ideal world we could all hang out, not get stressed out too much if we watch one more movie or if we play half an hour extra on the Wii. In this same world, Santa's elves would clean the house, do the laundry, and cook two healthy meals per day for all of us. The reality is that we all need some relax time, and Santa's elves are not around. This is why today ended up feeling like every other Saturday, the beginning of yet another marathon weekend... How do you deal with holiday stress? I'd love to hear.

Image: PeaceLovePaleo.

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