Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Memories from my birthday

Hello everyone! I hope you had a better week than last one, although I think that we will bear the memory of the tragic events in Newton for much, much longer.

I realized that amidst general holiday craziness I have not yet had the time to share with you what I did on my birthday last Monday. I got flowers from my parents in Italy. I got a new handbag as a present from my husband and son -- the studded version of the classic Michael Kors one, which I had had my eyes on for a while and I was able to get with a good deal during the post-Thanksgiving sales. My best friend in Montreal baked me pink frosted cupcakes (and there is no pictures to prove it because they went as fast as you can say happy birthday). My husband ended up staying at home and we went to see a grown-up movie, for once, something that we had not done in... well, I do not even remember how long. When we came home, a lot of orders I had placed online arrived at the same time, including this phenomenal pair of O Jour kitten heels and Blumarine hat. We finished with a family dinner at my favorite restaurant in Montreal, the Brasserie Centrale, where I toasted with my new signature drink, the rigorously virgin Shirley Temple.

I was blessed to spend the following day with my one of my best friends from college, who was in town for an interview and extended her stay to take me out for lunch. She was also my US courier, and brought over the items from the NM + Target collection I had ordered a few weeks ago. They were all I expected for, and this collaboration totally gets my thumb up.

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