Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The simplified gift guide: For the kids

Hello everyone! What do you think are the best children's gifts?

My husband and I have this discussion every year. Although my son's letter to Santa is a mile long, how many Lego sets can one have after all? We thus always try to strike a balance between what he asked for, and what we think he'd like.

In my view the best children's gifts involve experiences, so that these are my top five choices (sorry, I could not keep it to less than this number! Christmas is for kids, right?).

The Silver Spoon for Children. The Italian cooking book The Silver Spoon is the timeless classic equivalent of the American Joy of Cooking. A few years ago a stumbled upon The Silver Spoon for children, and it has been my son's favourite book ever since, because of its appealing recipes (who does not like pizza?) and its great illustrations.

Party costumes. Because playing dress up is never out of season, or out of style.

A tent or a tepee. Last summer I bought an IKEA circus tent for my son, and I was surprised by how much he has been using it. It has become his favourite reading spot, drawing factory, and hangout when friends come to visit. (I would have liked to get this tent by Restoration Hardware, but it cannot be shipped to Canada).

A super-cool backpack. With a few exceptions, boys do not like to get clothes as gift. Nonetheless, I have never seen my son getting as excited as for this Madpax backpack, which apparently started a craze at his preschool...

Something that can be enjoyed with the whole family. This can be a new board game (my son is a lot into Lego, so we are thinking about Creationary this year), a new sport accessory (for instance, a sled such as this one, if it is climate-appropriate for the place where you live), or even the new Wii U (Gabrielle has done a great review a few days ago).

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