Thursday, 13 December 2012

The simplified holiday decor

Hello everyone! Have you already decorated your home for Christmas?

With 12 days left, and holiday decorations on sale and selling out fast, if your home is still unadorned I hope that these tips will help. I love decorating, especially for Christmas. It was a big family tradition when I was still leaving with my parents, and I proudly continued it even after I moved into my own space. All these spaces were apartments though. When we moved into our first townhouse three years ago I discovered the challenges of decorating a big space.

To keep it manageable, I decided to keep it simple: we (obviously) decorate one big tree in the living room, and I then add festive touches in multiples places. Since what is festive to me are lights and shiny ornaments, I scatter them around the house. I do not do a theme, but I stick to a color scheme that fits within our existing home decor, so that I do not have to put away all our regular stuff to make space for Christmas decor. This year's novelty is that my son wanted to decorate a smaller tree in his room -- which brought back to my mind last year's discussion about how how many trees you decorate.

How about you? Do you choose a theme? Decorate multiple trees? Go the whole 9 yards with Christmas decor, or keep it simple like me? I'd love to hear.

P.S. You can find more posts of our Simplified holiday series here.

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