Wednesday, 27 February 2013

My baby shower

Hello again everyone! Did you have a baby shower when you were pregnant?

The long list of posts I am catching up with begins with this one because my baby shower was the highlight of the few days preceding my baby boy's arrival. The thing is that I always cut it close with baby showers. In fact, the first time around the shower had to be canceled because I ended up giving birth on that day. This time, I barely made it, and I had a wonderful celebration just two days before the delivery.

Although the latest trend seems to be that of online baby showers, my best friend in Montreal organized a small brunch for my closest friends at her house. It was just perfect, as if she had been able to read my mind. I am so grateful she organized this event for me, even though she just welcomed her third baby herself a few months ago!

P.S. If you need ideas for a baby shower, Martha has some great suggestions as usual!

Photo: Martha Stewart.

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