Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Bugaboo stroller refresh

Hello everyone! What is the one essential item that you bought when your children were born?

Without hesitation, I would say that for us it was the stroller. Before my older son's birth, we bought a Bugaboo Frog, which we used inside the house as a bassinette for the first months of my son's life during the winter, took on endless strolls when the weather warmed up and for two more years afterwards, and turned into a portable high chair during our summer holidays. Considering how much we ended up using it, we were happy we had spared no expense when we bought it -- although getting a cheap stroller had been our first instinct considering how much other stuff we had to buy. I am even happier now that we got our Bugaboo stroller, because it is still in impeccable shape in spite of the heavy usage, and it has already become my essential item for my baby boy as well.

The additional reason why I am still so satisfied with our stroller is that I was able to refresh its appearance in occasion of my baby boy's arrival. Originally, we had chosen a red stroller. It was a great colour that did not get stained easily. Nonetheless, I was a bit bored with it, and I wanted a little change for our new one. As far as I know, Bugaboo strollers are the only ones that allow changing the fabric of  every single part. Even if our stroller has been discontinued, I was able to order everything I needed from BBBuggy (in the United States, you can have replacement fabric and parts directly from Bugaboo or, if you own a Bugaboo Chameleon, from a number of department stores such as Neiman Marcus). Voila! My stroller is now updated to navy blue and black. Very Yves Saint Laurent, don't you think?

P.S. This post is the first of a few that I am planning on writing about essential baby gear for the fashionable mom. I hope you find them useful!

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