Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Coming out of the closet

Hello everyone! Was there ever a moment in your life when you could fit your entire wardrobe on a single rack?

After my baby boy was born and I retired my maternity clothing, I had nothing left in my closet except for winter boots. (Thank goodness for those, because a few weeks later I realized that even shoes did not fit my swollen feet).

Having absolutely nothing to wear gives clean slate a whole new meaning. No sursprises waiting at the end of the closet. No shopping your closet. No editing.

Rebuilding my post-pregnancy wardrobe from the group up (literally) has been a path to self-discovery. Now I know I could not live with just 100 personal items as Dave Bruno set out to do. Yet I realized that I am a happier person with less than 30 items in my closet.

The road to this point has been bumpy, and at the beginning I felt like I was running blind. What style was flattering for my new figure? I had no idea. Deliveries came numerous, mainly from GAP and Zara as I was trying to keep the costs down. Returns went back in almost the same amount. My wardrobe felt like an everyday sample sale.

The calm after such stormy weather came before the summer begun. I realized I had become a different person. The mother-of-one version of me is tucked away in the out-of-season closet, together with the bodycon Cavalli ruched dress I never wore, and the ultra-low rise skinny jeans that were my staple.

Are there things I miss wearing? Of course. (I am looking at you Jimmy Choo leather leggings). I would have never guessed they would have been so few.

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