Friday, 4 April 2014

SS14 trends | The skimpy crop

Ready for the roundup of the trends for SS14?

After last week's illustrated preview, it's time to get down to business. (And I will try to do it fast and sweet, to get down to those essentials for our cold Canadian spring).

This year, when I think of spring, my head echoes with the tunes of The Lego Movie's famous song, with slightly different words: "Everything is cropped...."

Goodness gracious, you cannot find anything in the stores right now that is not cropped in someway. I am not even talking about abs-showing tops like the one pictured above. Sweaters hit at the hips, but in a skimpy way. If they are a bit longer, they are square-shaped (you know how unflattering that is to most body types?) Pants are cropped at the ankle. Or high-waist to accommodate the aforementioned abs-showing tops.

This is to say, ready yourself. (I am hitting the gym, you know, to get my post-two pregnancies abs at least presentable for this season).

Photo: Alice+Olivia via Shopbop.

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