Friday, 18 July 2014

Nursing gear to the rescue

Hello everyone!

I am packing for our upcoming trip to Italy, and I have confession. I did it. My baby is almost out of diapers, but for our summer travel I bought the Storksac Elizabeth diaper bag I had my eyes on since last winter

I do not regret it a single bit. As I have not been able to find a stylish backpack (as you may remember from this post), my excuse for the purchase has been that it fits EVERYTHING, including my laptop. (For once the promotional video corresponds to reality, this is really a Mary Poppins bag). Perhaps the real reason though is that I did not see myself going to posh Hawaiian resorts and, especially, Italy with my otherwise beloved Skip Hop bag. (You remember my Italian best friend who wore Brunello Cucinelli through her past pregnancy? I am sure she now carries a Chanel diaper bag). 

Don't you think the crossbody strap is a bit Chloè? I am thinking about swapping it for a couple of my designer bags straps.

P.S. You know what I also took on the trip? My Seraphine nursing cover. Not because the baby is still nursing (he weaned, another sob), but because it is better than a pashmina. It is big enough to cover me and the baby if he is snoozing on my lap during the flight, and to hide stains that are inevitable is you are stuck on a six-hours flight with an infant :)

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