Saturday, 19 July 2014

On Island Fashion

Hello everyone!

As I am re-packing for our trip to Italy (tomorrow! two more intercontinental flights alone with the kids! I am crazy!), I distracted myself by flipping through the pages of a promotional magazine of Ala Moana Shopping Center that made its way home with us from Honolulu. That's where I came across this expression.

Yes, there is such a thing as Island Fashion. It includes bright flowery everything, Billabong swimwear, cool sunglasses and straw hats. And this year also a pair of Aldo flatforms. Except for the sunglasses, and possibly be flatforms (you know I have mixed feelings about them), I am sure we all agree that it is stuff you can only wear in Hawaii. (If you can think of another place, I'd love to hear). 

This is what I have rather brought home -- and is going along to our trip to Italy as well: twin pearls we found in our own oyster (my son was the lucky one who opened it), which were less than 10 USD; an Hawaiian-print triangle bikini (from Old Navy of all places!), which costed me less than 15 USD; and this Tory Richard's dress, which I could not resist. It has just enough island and a lot of fashion, don't you think?

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