Sunday, 31 August 2014

The August (un)packing edit

Hello everyone! How long does it take you to unpack and get organized after a long family trip?

On average, it takes me a week because I hate to have suitcases around for longer than that. This time though, with our return from Italy only a week before the kids had to go back to school/daycare (and Montreal's Festival of Fashion and Design), there was one suitcase still standing. I finished unpacking it today, to distract myself from the departure of my brother-, sister-in-law and our lovely niece (sob).

I have learnt a few years ago to pack as little as possible when we go to Italy. Shopping is so much easier and fashion-forward there that I definitely need extra space in my suitcase :)  My favorite pieces that I brought back are a pair of motorcycle boots by Patrizia Pepe, a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses (my first very own!), and a python bag that costed less than a Coach bag. They have already become staples in my closet...

(Art print and frame by Indigo Chapters)

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