Monday, 1 September 2014

I fell in love with a Mexican

Hello everyone and Happy Labor Day!

We are celebrating by catching up with a never-ending list of household chores and catching up with work (I start teaching tomorrow!). If it wasn't for the fact that our teething baby kept us last the whole night last night, I wouldn't even mind today slow pace (OMG, I am really getting old).

Anyway, while I was styling my hair this morning I realized an important omission from last week's list of the favorite things I brought back from Italy: the Mexican.

I am translating directly from Italian, as I have actually no idea whether such a brush has a nickname in English. It is a roughly 5 x 10 cm flat brush by Jean Louis David that has made my flat iron almost completely useless since I discovered it last year at the beach. I am so in love with it that this year I picked up a new one to have a spare. How about you? Do you have a favorite brush?

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