Sunday, 28 September 2014

Around my closet during our Indian summer

Hello everyone! How's Fall treating you?

Last week I was scrambling to find hats and mittens for the kids when we hit freezing morning temperatures. This week I wished I had not already put my sandals in storage. Do not get me wrong, I would never complain about summer-like temperatures. Perhaps I know that this was our last week of grace before temperatures continue their journey downhill.

Anyway, the week has gone by in a blur of dirty dishes and work deadlines, but also new makeup picked up taking advantage of a meeting downtown (more in this soon), and major home projects. The latter involved changing the bookshelf in my older son's room, which implied all his toys being scattered all around the house but also moving his old bookshelf in our bedroom and finally giving a dignified space to my fashion magazine collection. The jury is still out about whether we like this new bedroom arrangement, but I decided to give the final vote to my parents, whom are coming to visit in a few weeks. (Honestly my back cannot take another move of this furniture for the time being).

Aside from the makeup, the highlight of this crazy week has been the much awaited arrival of my new iPhone 6. After a couple of stressful days without a case (because there are no cases sold in stores yet!), Amazon came to the rescue with the anticipated delivery of this one, which I love and which has finally made me handle the phone like it was not made of crystal.

I was surprised to read in the New York Times how people are marvelling at the fact that the new iPhone does not fit in pants' pockets. Given those few extra inches I was not expecting it to. I can ensure you it will fit in your smallest bag though (in case you are following the mini trend). And even if it does take time to get used to those extra inches (especially in landscape mode), it is all worth it.

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