Tuesday, 30 September 2014

In a season far, far away

Hello everyone! Did you follow the recent presentations of SS15 at Fashion Week around the world?

I didn't. I liked the street style of my usual fashion icons (and I LOVED Phil Oh's coverage of street style at Paris Fashion Week), but we are barely into Fall, and Spring will come in such a long time.... (it will be cold, too, as usual).

In case you are interested though into what we'll be wearing after the Ice Age (I mean, winter) has passed....

Holt Renfrew has a good recap.

Full coverage over at Vogue and Elle, of course.

If the full coverage is a bit overwhelming, Erica's edits of the new collections are always my favorite.

Garance is always spot-on to spot emerging trends (if you pardon me the expression), when she is not busy being photographed by Tommy Ton.

And please, do not miss the chic moms of New York.

Photo: Phil Oh for Vogue.

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