Saturday, 6 September 2014

Love the place you shop: Winners Alexis Nihon

Hello everyone! Do you shop at Winners?

Yesterday I went to my local Winners (the one at Alexis Nihon Plaza) to return my first pair of Celine pants, which I had paid only 100$ for. (Yes, you read it right. Celine. 100$. Returned. I was not even particularly upset about it. I do not know what is it with this year's rentrée, but it seems that minimalism is the new black. I am digressing though.)

I had scored the pants at Winners' bi-annual Fashion Week event on Thursday. (Last time, in February, I bought this pair of ballerinas by Balenciaga). As I was walking to return the pants, I realized I never shared with you this amazing shopping resource.

Not all Winners are created equal. There are only a few in Montreal that carry designer labels (you may want to check the website to find one near you). Aside from being conveniently located three blocks from our house, Winners Alexis Nihon is my favourite one because it is small and well-stocked, so you can be in and out without that feeling of frustration that (at least for me) most often goes with shopping at discount stores.

Winners Alexis Nihon is my go-to destination for designer jeans (you can always find at least a pair of J Brand or 7 for all Mankind for 59.99$), cashmere and sunglasses. If you shop early, seasonal finds can be great too (that's where I got the white puffer I still have not figured out how to wear around the baby, and the Add puffer I wore for the whole winter last year).

Did I mention that the lower level of Alexis Nihon plaza hosts the only Target on the island of Montreal? Keep it in mind when that collection by Altuzzarra will launch next week.

P.S. More great places to shop in the Montreal area here.

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