Monday, 22 September 2014

Pinterest binging on a Monday morning

Hello everyone and happy Monday! Are you addicted to Pinterest?

When I attended her presentation during Montreal FDM, I was surprised to hear that the first thing Garance DorĂ© does in the morning is to check Pinterest. I am not a big pinner, so I could not understand that. 

I am glad to announce that this is a thing of the past. After two hours a whole morning of major binging, my Pinterest boards now are all in order and fully updated with my latest Zara faves, a few looks I love, and more home office inspiration

Jacket perfection (backordered at usual-suspect Madewell) from my new favorite pinned
(Go on, and follow this board). I wish we would have more than three days of jacket weather 
in Montreal. (My wallet is, on the hand hand, relieved).

Pop of color perfection by Olivia. (Which has inspired me to take out 
of storage that pair of cage sandals... who cares it is almost winter around here)

And I thought I did not like Marc Jacobs sweater-dressing for FW14. 

Favorite home office. (I am redoing mine this time for real).


Two things from this Etsy shop that I had no idea me and the kids NEED. 

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